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 colorimetry eye test



If you or someone you know finds reading uncomfortable then at Martin Wheeler Optometrists you can discover how colour can alleviate visual discomfort and help with dyslexia.

Visual stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions in the printed text, suffered by many people who struggle to read. The condition is estimated to be present in about 40 % of poor readers and in 20 % of the general population in varying degrees.

Visual stress can be accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • Glare on the page

  • Flickering or moving words and lines of text

  • Headaches or discomfort

  • Tiring easily while reading.

Overlay Assessment


Following an eye examination to rule out other causes for visual difficulties, the use of coloured overlays is an essential aid as the first step in identifying visual stress.


Overlays are coloured sheets of robust transparent plastic that are placed over a page of text when reading. During an assessment, each overlay is presented in turn for comparison with others placed beside it and its impact on reading is considered.


If coloured overlays are found to improve the speed and comfort of reading, then Precision Tinted Lenses can be prescribed using a machine called a Colorimeter that determines the exact shade for each person's individual needs. 

The prescribed tint is reproduced precisely in specially designed laboratories and can be incorporated into eyewear frames.

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